This page has resources that you can use to understand and practice Yoga as a system. Some inputs are from the oldest learning system, the Veda as well as Tantra.

The 3 articles that were published in founded by Dr Otto Stricker and Flavia Mameli. Dr Otto travelled widely in India to discover and experience authentic Yoga that was offered at traditional places other than the regular ashrams as well as outside of the academic institutions. He asked Krishna to write on the importance of studying Yoga, the roots of Yoga Nidra and notes on Antar Mouna.

Very soon, the articles published in World Wise Words, a Netherlands based publication founded by Heather Gartside and supported by Sir John Scales Avery, a Nobel Peace Laureate, will be introduced here. You could consider subscribing to the updates.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

An introduction to its roots

An ancient technique, re-introduced to main stream by Swami Satyananda Saraswati of Bihar School of  Yoga. Now scientifically studied & proven...


Yoga System

Learn from Living Traditions

The obvious questions are, where to study, how to know whether the teaching is authentic, and what value to give to certifications etc.


Antar Mouna

Mastering Inner Silence

The ability to be resilient to situations and people around, and at the same time to lead a reasonably peaceful and prosperous life is a ‘need’ today.